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MJH no Sekai

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Things to do, things to do…

One of the issues that seems to be most common when it comes to fountain pens is answering the following question: “What can I do to use my pens more?”

For me, I try to find every opportunity I can use them, even to the point where I just draw incessant squiggly lines. Not really the most practical there. Work doesn’t afford me very many opportunities. I do try to take notes at meetings where I can, though of late, even this has dwindled. I can outline a lot of things I need to write-up, such as project plans, which seems to be a good direction, but it can be seen as doubling the amount of work in the end. In truth, with the current state of things at work, I just need to accept that it’s not the ideal place for me to use my pens.

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Namiki Yukari Nightline – A very shiny pen

Back in October, if you had asked me if I would be as deep as I am in the world of fountain pens as I am now, I doubt I would have said anything remotely like a yes. Fast forward four months, and here I am. My dance with fountain pens is both long and short, depending on where you look. My first pen was a Waterman Phileas I had purchased from Staples some years ago. I had used it for a little bit, then it ended up sitting. Four months ago, one of my colleagues happened to show off a Jinhao he had purchased, and started using around the office. This caught my interest, and got me back on the train of fountain pens. Thinking I had lost the Waterman, I ordered up a new pen from Amazon, and moved along from there. Enough about the history though, it’s time to bring in the star of this show!

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