On Content and Time Management

It’s probably fairly obvious that I have no  regular schedule, or any frequent level of content to be posted.  Alas, that is unlikely to change much in any significant fashion.  My motivations for setting up this site were fairly simple: I had the resources and felt like sharing my experiences.  This is nothing more than a hobby in a sense.  On that basis, there are certain considerations to factor in regard to hobbies and time.

As with many people, the bulk of my time each week is spent at work.  In the remaining time available to me, I’ve many things competing for my attention, or even dedication.  I play games, namely RPGs, which are their own special time sink.  I watch anime, and other various TV shows, each a fixed decrement on the time with which I can do things.  I like to read, something that I have not put enough time into of late.  The list continues.  One should think time management in regard to free time to be a nightmare.  In truth, it sucks.

That brings me to the point of this post.  My trying to adhere to a regular, consistent schedule is something I don’t foresee happening, and would seem to serve counter to the enjoyment of my free time, even if producing content would be my choice at the moment.  Turning a hobby such that it looks like a job defeats the purpose of a hobby to begin with.  With that said, it is my hope to be more consistent with posts and content in the future.  Mayhap I’ll even extend my sources to include other topics, such as my experiences in gaming.  Only valuable and unmanaged time will tell.

Things to do, things to do…

One of the issues that seems to be most common when it comes to fountain pens is answering the following question: “What can I do to use my pens more?”

For me, I try to find every opportunity I can use them, even to the point where I just draw incessant squiggly lines. Not really the most practical there. Work doesn’t afford me very many opportunities. I do try to take notes at meetings where I can, though of late, even this has dwindled. I can outline a lot of things I need to write-up, such as project plans, which seems to be a good direction, but it can be seen as doubling the amount of work in the end. In truth, with the current state of things at work, I just need to accept that it’s not the ideal place for me to use my pens.

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Namiki Yukari Nightline – A very shiny pen

Back in October, if you had asked me if I would be as deep as I am in the world of fountain pens as I am now, I doubt I would have said anything remotely like a yes. Fast forward four months, and here I am. My dance with fountain pens is both long and short, depending on where you look. My first pen was a Waterman Phileas I had purchased from Staples some years ago. I had used it for a little bit, then it ended up sitting. Four months ago, one of my colleagues happened to show off a Jinhao he had purchased, and started using around the office. This caught my interest, and got me back on the train of fountain pens. Thinking I had lost the Waterman, I ordered up a new pen from Amazon, and moved along from there. Enough about the history though, it’s time to bring in the star of this show!

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I’ve done it again…

The site has been redone yet again.  This time, I’ve simplified the installation, and have a more clear direction on where I want to go with it.  As a result of that, I may have more regular updates!

Expect my next post soon!